“Our goal is to be an advocate for producers during the decision making processes of their operation.”

– Chris Barron

In 1996, Chris Barron began working with producers utilizing the Profit Manager tool that he created. Initially he worked through the basic process of cost of production analysis. Over time this consulting expanded into a more detailed understanding of clients and their operation. Many of the services and techniques were developed or learned through the opportunities of working with some of the best producers throughout the United States and Canada. We have developed the following list of consulting and speaking services:
• Developing the basic understanding of cost of production analysis
• Margin management by crop
• Machinery and equipment cost analysis
• Machinery and equipment utilization and efficiency
• Input purchasing with value as the primary driver in the decision
• Producer networking opportunities
• Producer transition planning and business structure
• Equipment, trucking and other business entity structures
• Speaking events for Ag businesses, lending institutions, and multiple types of business conferences
• Business communication structure development

Why we consult
1. To help producers understand their cost of production
2. To help drive decision making and do scenario planning
3. To hone in on machinery and equipment costs/utilization
4. To open up better communication between the lender and the producer
5. To help operations network through partnering or transitions in family
6. To explore business structure within the operation and assist in changes needed
7. To be a person that is available by phone or email at all times when the producer has questions
8. To help the producer see the strengths in their operation and to help them improve or eliminate their weaknesses
9. To network with producers across the country, building relationships both professionally and personally

How we consult
1. Our 1 year consulting fee (plus travel and expenses) covers 2 full day meetings, one day at the producer’s operation and one day at our operation plus unlimited access to us by phone or email when there are questions or concerns or to help manage Profit Manager.
2. Profit Manager is included in the fee
3. The first meeting is mainly spent populating Profit Manager and establishing the needs of the client. The client is given an action plan and also documentation of the entire meeting
4. The second meeting is spent looking at Profit Manager again more closely and then the direction of the meeting is based on the needs of the client
5. We offer additional days of consulting at an additional charge if the client requests more time

What we consult on
1. Profit Manager – financial consulting with the use of the Profit Manager program
2. Networking – this may be the partnering of 2 or more operations, machinery and equipment sharing, or assisting with transitioning of the operation
3. Business structure – we look at the business structure of the operation and help producers look at new ways of setting up the structure of entities